Biodynamic cooking

Biodynamic cuisine is a type of diet in which we seek to make the most of the nutrients in the food with which we prepare each meal.

Despite existing for many years, this method has been developed within gastronomy by Xavier Pellicer, the Spanish chef who owns the Healthy Kitchen restaurant in Barcelona. One of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world.

What is biodynamic cooking?

Biodynamic cuisine, or biodynamic vegetarian food, is a philosophy of food that aims to reconnect with nature to take advantage of the nutrients in food.

In this type of diet, ecological agriculture and respect for the vital rhythms of the earth and those of the human body are valued.

Multivitamínico Vegan Beverly Nutrition
Multivitamínico Vegan Beverly Nutrition

What does the biodynamic vegetarian diet propose?

This type of food philosophy maintains that what we eat as food, the way and when food is consumed work for the benefit or against the body’s functions, hindering or activating the body’s processes.

It is about respecting the natural cycle of food, taking into account the position of the planet and the lunar phases for growing vegetables, and using substances produced within the farms themselves to compost the earth.

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Proteína Vegana Beverly Nutrition

How to cook food

From this type of kitchen, the use of elements made of wood, bamboo, and stainless steel is recommended. Glass and silicone are also used for baking and the use of aluminum and copper is discouraged.

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Vitamina B100 Beverly Nutrition

Who is biodynamic vegetarian food for?

It is ideal for those who decide to lead a healthy life and minimize the impact of agriculture on the environment.

What is the baby food diet about?

What is the difference between biodynamic food and organic food?

It could be said that both organic and biodynamic food have similar cultivation ways, however they are not the same thing since biodynamics is more complex and involves cultural, spiritual, economic, and social values.

Sometimes the followers of biodynamics treat plants and vegetables with homeopathy, crystals, and stones.

In addition, for the cultivation, irrigation, and harvest, the phases of the moon and the astrological calendar are taken into account.

This type of diet is sustained by agriculture that seeks to respect the land and that holds the belief that by respecting the land, it will thank us by providing good food.

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Vitamin Complex Beverly Nutrition

Biodynamic Cooking: Reasons to Consume Biodynamic Foods

It has been proven through various studies that these foods are tastier and more nutritious.

It is clearly less aggressive for the environment and therefore ideal for those who care about this cause.

On the other hand, these types of products are usually produced by small farmers and their consumption is a way to strengthen local economies.

How does biodynamic cooking work in the restaurant?

The biodynamic cooking process begins in agriculture. As we mentioned before, it is a very particular type of agriculture in which no additives are used and which is even more radical than organic farming.

The restaurant receives freshly harvested food and tries to process it as quickly as possible. It seeks to make the most of the plant elements and not discard anything.

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Vitamina D3 Beverly Nutrition

When cutting vegetables, care is taken to maintain their fibers.

In the restaurant, an omnivorous menu is created every day with animal protein in 30% of the plate, in addition to vegetarian dishes.

You can eat a healthy diet if you wish and gradually adopt organic and biodynamic foods. The important thing about the process is learning to eat different types of fruits and vegetables.

What is the baby food diet about?

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