Best exercises to lose weight

Do you know the best exercises to lose weight? In previous articles, we have talked about useful exercises based on different tastes and goals you may have, such as: Starting at the gym Best time for strength training Rest from training, know its benefits. What did Henry Cavill do to gain muscle mass? What is […]

The protein shake for weight loss is becoming more famous every day, therefore, in today’s article, you will find the best recipes for protein shakes to lose weight. Delicious, effective, and unsurpassed. Why do protein shakes help you lose weight? Protein shakes are used to lose weight, to better recover from physical activity, or to […]

Cinnamon for weight loss: the easiest recipes to copy

Surely you have heard about the benefits of cinnamon for weight loss. This article is dedicated to this valuable spice for athletes who choose to achieve their goals through smart eating. In previous articles, we told you about natural fat burners, fat burners, and their functions and recommendations. Cinnamon to lose weight? Yes, cinnamon has […]

What should I eat to lose weight?

Stopping eating to lose weight is not a healthy option, so: Would you like to know what to eat to lose weight? In today’s article we tell you what to eat to lose weight. Success is yours! Lose weight without stopping eating The good news is that to lose weight you need to eat and […]

Green smoothie for weight loss

Green smoothie for weight loss? The green slimming smoothie has become very famous in recent years and you surely want to know how to prepare this beneficial drink at home. Therefore, in this article, we bring you the best recipes for green smoothies to lose weight. Why do green smoothies help you lose weight? These […]

Wheatgrass: know its benefits

Wheatgrass is consumed in green smoothies to detoxify the body. This herb provides all the vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy. Surely you are looking for new ways to improve your diet a little, be healthy and keep your body’s defenses high so as not to contract diseases of any kind, especially […]

Spirulina, passion fruit and coconut water drink: super beneficial for your health

This spirulina, passion fruit and coconut water drink was developed by students David Gonzalo Barahona Guacollante, María Isabel Almeida Andrade, Erika Jazmina Valencia Arias and Karen Estefanía Pineda Naranjo from the Food Engineering degree at the University of Quito. The students of the University of Quito developed this drink prepared “based on spirulina, passion fruit, […]

Losing weight on Tiktok, a dangerous choice

Losing weight on TikTok seems possible, the social network has become a new guide with weight loss techniques and questionable exercise guides. Right now the most viral thing on the platform is the “dance to lose weight.” Although it seems that losing weight on TikTok is possible, I am sorry to tell you that this […]

Losing 30 pounds in 30 days

Losing 30 pounds in 30 days can be problematic no matter if you are about to start a fitness journey or if you are looking to improve or maintain your results. In previous articles, we talked about viral trends for weight loss, such as: Proffé: the new blend of protein and coffee created by TikTok […]

Eliminating the candida fungus to lose weight

Eliminate the candida fungus to lose weight permanently. Learn to identify the excess candida that is preventing you from losing weight. Eliminating the candida fungus from the body to lose weight is not an easy task. However, it is absolutely necessary. Obesity and metabolism physician Frank Suarez says that people who eliminate the candida fungus […]