Natural food diet

Natural food diet? Surely you have heard about the benefits of eating a natural diet, but what really is a natural diet? And how can you put it into practice? In this article, we answer your questions.

What is natural food?

Natural food is one that is limited to foods that have not been processed and that are also within your easy reach. Natural nutrition is based on two ideas:

  • Eat foods in their “primitive form”: whole grains, nuts, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, roots, legumes, and meats.
  • Consume those foods that are within your reach, that is, that are marketed locally.

Natural Food vs Ultra-processed Food

Ultra-processed foods are not recommended and that is not new. Whole foods provide everything your body needs to function properly, which is why natural food outperforms ultra-processed foods:

  • Providing more vitamins and minerals found in whole foods.
  • Favoring the processes of our body
  • Preventing diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and others.
  • Providing many fibers found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, and cereals.

Why ultra-processed and refined foods are bad?

Ultra-processed and refined foods are bad because in their preparation they discard “everything good” that the food offers: fibers, some vitamins, and minerals. Leaving as a result only rest of the integral food that sometimes only provides refined carbohydrates and refined sugars, foods of the worst quality together with saturated fats.

natural food tips para bajar de peso rápido

What are the benefits of eating a natural diet?

  • Lower risk of various types of cancer.
  • The sensation of greater well-being: Less indigestion, headaches.
  • Lower risk of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
  • Mental clarity

How to eat a natural diet?

Most of the diets propose issues similar to those of a purely natural diet, some of them are:

Diet at home

Marcos Llorente’s diet has become very famous in recent times, but why?

Detoxify the liver

Biodynamic cooking

On the contrary, there are other diets that, although they are effective in the objectives for which they were created, distance themselves from the natural diet because they promote the consumption of only certain foods, discarding others that are more accessible to people.

Another well-known miracle diet: Scarsdale Diet

Natural food diet

The key to eating a natural diet is to choose less processed or unprocessed foods. On the other hand, choose the fruits, vegetables, and meats that are within your reach according to the area where you live. Yes, there are more expensive or cheaper foods, available or not available depending on where you are. Choose the best among those you have at your disposal.

It is not necessary that you stop consuming foods such as tomato sauce, dressings and breads. You can choose to prepare them yourself and thus guarantee that you know where the ingredients they contain come from and that although they included a preparation, they are not ultra-processed foods.

natural food diet

Bread, cookies, and dressings: Natural food

In the case of bread and cookies, you can choose wholemeal flours, among which today there is an incalculable variety. Including oatmeal, rye, buckwheat, dried fruit.

Pumpkin Bread recipe

Cookies Recipe

You can prepare your own dressings and add ingredients such as garlic, parsley, cilantro, paprika, and natural oils for the first extraction. In this way, these dressings will not be harmful to your liver.

In the case of tomato sauce and other sauces: you can prepare them yourself with ingredients of your choice. Then freeze them and use them when you need them.

Does natural food mean stop eating meat?

Some people decide to eliminate meat from their diet for various reasons. However, eating a natural diet is not directly associated with lower meat consumption. Our ancestors lived from the meat of the hunts and from the crops that little by little evolved as new fruits and new agricultural techniques were discovered.

Consume meat, preferably the type that you have in the place where you are. The portion of meat is the size of the palm of your hand, not counting fingers or wrist.

Physical activity

Don’t forget to do some kind of physical activity. Today there are different options and you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Both intense activities and those of medium and low intensity will always favor your health.

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